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T'n'T Club offers a free, no-obligation intro session at 6.30pm every Monday at the Dance4Fitness studio. Uncover your best figure with the help and support of the T'n'T Club!
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I super-sized my 5ft self to a size 36, straining at the seams. Eating sensibly and exercising hasn’t shifted the weight, making the last two summers really bad for my confidence. I’m determined to return to a size 34 with the T’nT Club. I’ve got three secret weapons to help me stay on track:
  • My buddy, who joined the T ’n T Club with me
  • A pair of Roxy jeans I love but haven’t been able to wear for ages
  • A photo of my upper, outer thigh as it is right now. Not pretty
Week 1
This week was so much better than expected! The injections were super easy, and I didn’t struggle to get all the water down. The meal plan wasn’t hard to stick to, although it did get a bit monotonous towards the weekend. This week’s highlight was wearing my Roxy jeans to work on Friday… rapid results doesn’t begin to describe how amazing it felt to wear them again! I cheated on Saturday morning like an idiot and felt ill all weekend. After feeling so good on Friday, I really let myself down on the weekend.
Week 2
This week was so tough. I struggled to stick to the meal plan, craved sugar all the time, and felt really grumpy and tired. If I hadn’t cheated on the weekend, it would be plain sailing now, so this is my own fault. I called Nicky, for inspiration. She coached me on dealing with the cravings. I got through this week by remembering my goal, trying on some “skinny” clothes (which fitted!), and eating more slowly instead of wolfing down my meals. It’s been hard though, and I wish I hadn’t cheated!
Week 3
This week was great! Cravings down to a minimum, energy levels sky-high in my dance classes, and my stomach, upper arms, thighs and butt are shrinking before my eyes! I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in more than a year and feeling good inside and out. All the water and fresh food has my skin glowing too! I can’t stop smiling… I haven’t felt this good about my body in a really long time. I’ve been given a second chance to have the figure I thought was gone for good, and I’m not going to waste this opportunity.
Week 4
I can’t believe the transformation in myself just 28 days. All I wanted was to get rid of a few Kilos and fit into my favourite jeans again. I’ve gone so far beyond those goals by embracing a whole new lifestyle. I never realized how many things I stopped doing because I felt self-conscious. This is such an important lesson: it’s not your weight or your clothing size; it’s how you feel about those numbers that matters. I never realized how much sugar I actually ate or how low my self-esteem was. I’ve gained a whole new attitude towards myself – what a gift! If you join the Trim ‘n Tone Club and go on this journey, I hope you emerge on the other side feeling absolutely beautiful inside and out, just like I did.