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T'n'T Club offers a free, no-obligation intro session at 6.30pm every Monday at the Dance4Fitness studio. Uncover your best figure with the help and support of the T'n'T Club!
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Inspiring Support + Smart Advice = Best Results
Want to lose those stubborn Kilos quickly and safely before summer? Need a little inspiration to work on your fitness? Trim 'n' Tone Club will change how you manage your weight loss and keep it off for good.
How does Trim 'n' Tone Club guarantee sustainable, safe and rapid weight loss?
Our Registered Dietician will educate you about how and what to eat and we will help you choose the fitness classes that suit your lifestyle and amp up your energy levels. The prescribed eating plan goes hand-in-hand with a fluid called Lipolytic, which is injected daily. Lipolytic fluid breaks down fat, including cellulite, resulting in significant centimeter loss. The T'n'T Club program is ideal for women who have tried dieting and exercise without achieving or maintaining their goal weight.
The facts about Lipolytic fluid:
  • The fluid produces rapid results by dissolving 5000 calories of fat per day, without affecting other body tissues.
  • After four days, your hunger disappears, only returning when you are one Kilo from your ideal weight.
  • There are no side effects, the injection is 100% safe and can be used with any other medication except insulin.
  • Lipolytic fluid brings your metabolism back to a normal, healthy level.
  • You do not regain the weight because your body has not been starved
  • You will lose 2 - 3kg in the first two weeks and 3 - 5kg every additional two-weeks on the program.
  • These results are guaranteed. You'll stick to this program because the results are fast, the best motivation there is!
Membership is based on a 6-week course, at cost of R 1,400.
Benefits Include:
  • An eating and nutrition plan for 6 weeks
  • 6-week supply of Lipolytic fluid
  • Mid-month weigh in and follow-up consultation
  • A fitness consultation with Nicky Lewis, owner of Dance4Fitness
  • A fitness plan for the month
  • Access to one dance course of your choice
  • The supervision of a medical doctor while using Lipolytic
  • Access to support throughout the month