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Pole Dancing - The Road to Olympic Recognition

While pole dancing may have originally been inspired by the routines performed by dancers in strip clubs, today's practitioners are adamant that it is truly a sport.
The International Pole Sports Foundation, (I.P.S.F), a not for profit organisation dedicated to positively promoting pole as an athletic, gymnastic sport, acknowledge that these women are incredible athletes and with such grace and elegance absolutely belong in the Olympics.
Stan Lee, the legendary founder of Marvel Comics, calls for the I.O.C to get with the 21st century and and asks why isn't pole dancing an Olympic event arguing that 'they have everything else, everybody loves pole dancing and it will probably the most watched and most popular event of all!'.
That said, the athleticism of the pole competitor is not in doubt, they are strong, flexible and fit. But when it comes down to it, and I quote 'with all the splayed limbs, wide-open splits and crotches as the centre of attention' one suspects that pole sport will have a tough time going main stream, and the road to Olympic recognition may truly be a long one.
To date the I.O.C. Has no plans to make pole dancing and Olympic test event, Ice Fishing yes, Pole Dancing NO!