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Interested in pole-dancing? HELL YEAH!

posted in lifestyle by fatimasaib
The first response most people give you when you say you doing pole dancing is “WHAT THE FFUUUDDDDGGGGEEEEEE!?” and then some other comments that don’t at all make any sense… then you probably get a few looks and some gossip starts and what not. But what the hell. When I got offered to do a short course in pole dancing by Nicky from Dance4Fitness, I immediately jumped to take the opportunity. Obviously, as expected, it was a bit nerve wrecking at first, especially when you have no idea what the instructor or the rest of you class will be like, but all of those insane feelings vanished as soon as the class started. The instructor Roxy, was every bit of lovely that you can possibly imagine in one person (Seriously! She is so sweet that she makes you want to be a better person!).
Roxy has been doing pole dancing at the studio for the past two years but has been working with Niclky since 2008 so you KNOW that this isn’t some hocus course with a hopeless instructor (these pictures are proof people!). The one thing that she said to me which stood out was “The satisfaction you get when you think “there’s no way my body can do that” and then you get it, its great. I really enjoy teaching for the same reason and seeing the improvements of each person throughout the phases” and I totally agree with her! I can do such cool twirls and all now which is completely brag-worthy!
The course, which was phase one- pole dancing, lasts for six weeks with an intense hour class once a week. I kid you not, after the first class, my arms and legs were so toned that couldn’t wait for the next week to come! I will admit though that I found it a tad bit painful due to the fact that I suffer with Fibromyalgia but what stood out to me more than the pain was that after my second class, I felt so much better and lighter. I firmly believe that this class increased my pain threshold which rocked! I know for a fact that every single girl in the class had an absolute blast and I assure you, that you will too! What was also quite cool was that the rest of the girls in the class were super friendly and by the end of the first hour, we all knew each other’s names and couldn’t stop giggling. Every person motivates the other (this could also be due to the fact that insane and super awesome music pumps through the speakers), and if you struggle with a move, nobody sneers at you and instead, everybody helps out.
Pole dancing is an absolutely brilliant exercise as you are not only toning your muscles, but doing some hard-core cardio moves as well.The best thing about it however is that it is for everyone or any age! It is a brilliant way of toning, stretching, releasing stress and amping up your body image.
So, If the thought of gym just kills you while the idea of action packed and super fun workouts excite you, then pole-dancing at Dance4Firness was made for you! Visit them at 36 Franklin Street, Claremont, Cape Town or contact them on 021 674 3640
Article Provided By: Fatima.Saib