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Ballet Fusion Workshop
Stir your body and inner ballerina in our exhilarating, challenging fun filled Ballet Fusion Workshop that will get you laughing, dancing, sweating and having the time of your life. Learn the basics of ballet and how to use them to lengthen, strengthen and tone your body. Our dance routine will take you step by step from beginner level to starlet fabulous till you are ready to perform your Pointe shoes off! No Tutu Required.
Ballet Fusion Workshop Schedule
12.45am - 13:00pm Registration Arrive and sign in
13:00pm - 13:40pm Ballet Fusion Class Learn & understand the moves and various ways ballet steps can be used to tone and strengthen the body, with a combination of an ab workout in the form of a ballet/pilates floor barre.
13:40pm - 14:00pm Fruit/ Juice/ Muffin break
14:00pm - 14:40pm Ballerina We'll take you through our dance routine step by step, followed by a well deserved cool down
14:40pm - 15:00pm Cool down
You can join us for the Ballet Fusion workshop on Saturday 1st Jun 1pm - 3pm for R100.00 per person, including refreshments. Refreshments are served on site in our chill area and full shower/ cloakroom facilities are available.
The Ballet Workshop is suitable for any age and level of fitness.