Dance4fitness, 36 Franklin Road, Claremont, Cape Town - 021 674 3640
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Dance Studio

Are you looking for an addictively fun, self-esteem boosting, whole body workout? Join us for a journey into outer health and inner well-being! Dance4Fitness is a private dance studio dedicated exclusively to women. Our teams of qualified instructors focus on teaching dance as a fun form of exercise in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Try our Hip Hop classes where you'll learn to interpret your unique expression in movement. Or loosen your inhibitions without losing your values in our all-girls, all-fun Pole Technique classes. Ever wanted to shake it like Shakira? Our Middle Eastern Dance classes will teach you to do just that with the added benefit of a full body cardio workout. Dance is a great way to combat stress and express yourself creatively. Our philosophy is that stretching and toning your body should also boost your self-esteem – and if exercise makes you feel good, you'll keep doing it until one day you surprise yourself with a fit and fabulous new you!